Antwerp based one of a kind atelier that derives its inspiration from nature. A place where a minimalist & a bold aesthetic collide. Just as nature & life, Atelier Clash is about contrasts, change & evolution.


“Nature delights & abounds in variety”.
– Leonardo da Vinci –


Our gemstone jewelry & interior objects are unique as there is nothing in nature which you will find exactly similar to another.

Founded in 2015

by Brigitte Peeters.

For more than 10 years it has been my passion to introduce products & collections to the market. In 2015 it was time to unleash my inner desire for creating my own products. Atelier Clash was born as a reflection of my vision on beauty & style.

It’s about natural uniqueness.
It’s about contrasts.
Where minimalism & extravagance collide.

It’s worth the chaos!




Valérie Geeraerts and Isis Verbist join Brigitte in this beautiful adventure.
Keep an eye, more news will follow soon!

About Agate

Made in Brazil

Agate is a semi-precious gemstone and a mineral of the Quartz family.


Unlike other gemstones, each agate is unique in color and design!


Most agate is found around ancient volcanic lava, which explains the different layers and colorful patterns.


Next to it’s unique beauty, people believe since ancient times that agate has metaphysical powers. It would balance and strenghten your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy.

With Atelier Clash, you will be wearing a unique stone of harmony or a grounding stone that can enable bursts of increased energy.